This is a nice town in the north of England. The people who live here are not all "chavs" or idiots or morons! The people of Blackburn are not all racist either. The football team is quite good but has gone downhill lately. The town center is also quite big and is undergoing lots of improvements!
by Dzap June 05, 2011
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A guy that likes a floppy dildo in his tight ass. he is retard and a spastic by law to to mention a gay pedophile that like children to place in his van. Always up for a bit of child porn.
by AKMID THE !@#4 May 27, 2013
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'Blackburn' in Australia is what you say to someone if they look top notch. The ultimate compliment you can give about someone's appearance without sounding like your taking the piss.
1) 'You're looking Blackburn tonight'

2) 'That guy is so Blackburn drool'
by Supporterofthequeenofcarrots December 01, 2015
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