A person of another race pretending to be black to be accepted by the race

Black wannabes are typically known to be REALLY ANNOYING
Mikeal: did you see Jackson the other day at school?
Evan: I know he is such a black wannabe.
Mikeal: I know so annoying
by theshield October 10, 2015
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Usually someone who is white, and trys to act black. Trys to use slang and wear their pants low. Someone trying to fit in with black people. It usually seems fake and they can't pull it off.

e.g. Justin Bieber. He wants to be black.
*white girl walks up to black crowd*

White girl: Yo! Wassup peeps?

Black girls: Hi...

*white girl leaves*

Blacks girls: what the heck? peeps? really? what a wannabe black!
by PrettyCity March 19, 2011
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Sadly we all have had one in our school. The wannabe Black chavy white girl or TWBCWG for short are easy to spot. They change their voices to try and sound black and try and act sassy thinking it makes her black.

These girls often have names on instagram or snapchat like “mosthated_kxox, yurfave.x” trying to conceal who they are.

TWBCWG always styles her hair in ways her hair is actually not meant for such as High buns with edges and low slick ponytails with edges and backbrushing her hair to make it look thick.

TWBCWG spends most of her money on McDonald’s , fake nails or getting her acrylics done and eyelashes. False lashes are very important to TWBCWG along with a orange fake tan as if nobody can see it. Slug eyebrows are another key feature of this girl along with a lot of piercings. You are lucky to see TWBCWG without makeup as they look rough without it..... yet they think they’re special.

It’s sad as nobody tells them how silly they look trying to change who they are for social media, thinking it’s cool. Be yourself guys 😔.....
“ she’s defo one of dem The wannabe black chavy white girl bruv. Lookkkkk at the edges and tan 😭.Smh 🤦🏽 ♂️”

by thehardtruth. July 29, 2019
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Person who isn't black, but talks like a black person.
Gard1bas said that people who aren't black, but speak like they are black is a Wannabe Black.
by Extension Unit Dictionary June 23, 2021
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