a super sweet and amazing guy. he has dark and rude humor but he has a big heart and he will do anything for the person he likes. he knows how to make someone’s day. he’s usually tall, hot, and skinny.
person 1: did you see that guy? he’s so hot
person 2: yeah i know, right?! his name must be mikeal
by izzy78 September 12, 2021
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A dude that is tall and skinny and vary loyal and and vary hot and vary catering and vary protect and will not hesitate to destroy your face.
Dude did you see mikeal he just destroyed that dudes face but did you see him give her a big hug

Ya that mikeal already.
by B.i.z.z November 22, 2018
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Look at mikeal, ur mom really likes her.

Wow mikeal really knows how to through it back.
by iloveurmom56 October 18, 2019
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