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Full of very wet children. Girls and boys thinking they’re peng and teachers yelling all the time as they can’t actually teach. The girls are boring and no different to eachother and the boys are very prestige and yet again, Boring! The school accepts many people who have been kicked out ,along with sending the people who they have been kicked out typically to another harris ( hasn, haun, etc...) . The building looks and feels like a prison and if you attend Harris Beckenhamfor a long period of time you will gradually become depressed with each day it getting worse and worse. It’s an awful enviorment and parents send their children there thinking it’s a good school when it isn’t in the slightest. DO NOT COME TO HABE. I repeat or you WILL regret it. Absolute cowpat of a school. I am very happy to be leaving this academy.
You go to Harris Beckenham? That’s an opp school. I feel bad for you man.”
by thehardtruth. July 29, 2019
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Known as the Best and most live harris school because it has majority black People. HASN does have the liveness but the teaching is somethinggggg else. A good school for yr7-8 but after that the liveness drops. If you wanna be serious and do well then you should/will leave in yr9. Good memories tho lmnl as a younger there. It does well in the sports day, But not first. If your into sports it’s the right school. A lot of people that get kicked out of another harris get into this school and start moving different to try and act bad. At HASN you get the actual bad people and the wannabes who think they’re living the life. Not the place if your looking for a girl as they’re rude and not the best looking tbh. I personally would not send my kids here inih. It’s name will always be known tho. Harris South Norwood
“That girl is rude and presttigeeeee”
“ Prestige over what tho 😂 “
“ inih , typical Harris South Norwood”.

“ he’s been moving bookie since he’s move to HASN, he thinks he’s bad now but he’s acc a complete wet don and wannabe”

“ wordddd. No personality , just copied what the other people at harris south norwood are like.”
by thehardtruth. August 2, 2019
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Sadly we all have had one in our school. The wannabe Black chavy white girl or TWBCWG for short are easy to spot. They change their voices to try and sound black and try and act sassy thinking it makes her black.

These girls often have names on instagram or snapchat like “mosthated_kxox, yurfave.x” trying to conceal who they are.

TWBCWG always styles her hair in ways her hair is actually not meant for such as High buns with edges and low slick ponytails with edges and backbrushing her hair to make it look thick.

TWBCWG spends most of her money on McDonald’s , fake nails or getting her acrylics done and eyelashes. False lashes are very important to TWBCWG along with a orange fake tan as if nobody can see it. Slug eyebrows are another key feature of this girl along with a lot of piercings. You are lucky to see TWBCWG without makeup as they look rough without it..... yet they think they’re special.

It’s sad as nobody tells them how silly they look trying to change who they are for social media, thinking it’s cool. Be yourself guys 😔.....
“ she’s defo one of dem The wannabe black chavy white girl bruv. Lookkkkk at the edges and tan 😭.Smh 🤦🏽 ♂️”

by thehardtruth. July 29, 2019
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Often 21st century children, the creation of phones has been a disaster.. girls post on Snapchat endless Quotes about conflicts and growth while showing off their new acrylic nails. Boys use Snapchat as a place to do Bank transfers and cheap item deals ( Weed, Clothes etc).
Instagram is a place of depression. People show off what they are doing and people sitting looking at these feel upset their lives aren’t as good or they aren’t as pretty and this draws them to self-doubt. Both are actually negative apps always focusing on how you look and how much money you have. People often post relationships wanting to be in them too, clueless to how much stress a relationship is. Stuck in a online world
She isn’t the same person in real life, she’s Stuck in an Online world
by thehardtruth. August 2, 2019
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