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1. The act of showing extra tenderness towards a subject that is not that serious. 2. Ranting and raving about something when it should just be forgotten. 3. Allowing what others think do or feel to control what you think do or feel. 4. Being super sensitive when things don't go your way. 5. Starting things and not being able to handle it when it doesn't flow your way.
Bitchness is taking over the room!
by BoTipFiaJelz January 24, 2011
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Business that has to do with bitches or hooking up with bitches
Hey, are you gonna watch the game with us tonight?

No, I've got some bitch-ness to take care of.
by awilson420 January 23, 2012
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The level of bitch-like behavior involved in, or pertaining to, being someone's bitch.
My old lady's Bitchness level is really high because she knows she better be barefoot and in the kitchen fixing my dinner.
by Chauvinist February 01, 2011
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inftead of having buissness a bitch would have bitch
get up out my BUISSNESS and go back to yo BITCHNEss
by dominique hankins August 06, 2003
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An attractive female, with a bad attitude.

A woman who goes out of her way to be a bitch, yet is still generally attractive to you.
Kelly is gorgeous, but I could never fuck her because she's always such a bitchness.

Hey! What's up Bitchness.

Miss Gliamas is so hot, it's a shame she's always such a bitchness.

When she stops being a bitchness I will consider her for a relationship.
by Nicsin December 28, 2008
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a really hard up girl that needs a piece of ass
Her bitchness was longing for some balls deep action.
by harrylemmons February 16, 2005
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