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The Australian cult leader of Chase Atlantic, this man does not know how to speak clearly. And often uses β€œyuh” is every sentence, he also often speaks about his dick.
Person 1: β€œhave you heard the song devilish?”

Person 2: β€œno not really, I couldn’t understand what Bitchel was saying”
by Saxgod July 20, 2019
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(A combination of the words Bitch and Bushel)
1. a group of annoying girls that will not shut up
2. a gathering of bitches
-I was studying when I was disturbed by a loud and obnoxious bitchel
by Solo H December 10, 2010
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A nickname given to a friend who has the name 'Mitch', which, means one is an individual who can be easily roasted out of his mind, who also is unable to counter with his own witty remark, and will resort to using remarks such as, "man, you are so gay" or, if you are eating a carrot while making jokes, "man, you're just munchin' on that dick". He also will make use of the word 'holy', in order to blow off anything that has happened in the vicinity.
Guy 1: "That dude is a total bitchel!"
Bitchel: "HOLY, no need! And stop fuckin' roasting me, bitch!"
by brootal21 March 03, 2015
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