The small step below the door of an automobile that allows for easy entry and egress of said automobile by an occupant.
My girlfriend keeps complaining about the lift on my truck so it looks like I will have to install a bitch step on the passenger side.
by Guywitajeep January 13, 2013
A step mother who tends to control people who they have no right to control, such as step children. The step bitch is known to control the biological father of said children to a point of totalitarianism within the household.
"Tom told me that the lady his dad just married is turning out to be a HUGE controlling step bitch!"

"I can't believe Carrie, what a step bitch, jeopardizing my relationship with her step daughter!"

"My step bitch is making me do all the chores because she thinks I don't do anything!"
by Daniel Rodrigues October 16, 2008
One's woman on the side, whom lacks significance and/or priority.

Also, it can signify an unimportant person, whether male or female.
Don't worry about Tanisha. She ain't nothing but my step-bitch.
by Toyin Oluwole December 12, 2007
A girl, who when dating is constantly trying to escalate the relationship prematurely by being a boss woman or acting like its a done deal.
This is a high stepping bitch thinking I am going to spend the weekend with her parents.
by GChild July 26, 2014
The person in a relationship who initiated most or all of the typical first steps/first times. A term often (but not solely) used in lesbian/gay relationships.
“My girlfriend was the one asking be on a first date and the one who initiated the first kiss. I think she’s the first step bitch in our relationship”
by that-artsy-lesbian September 21, 2021