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Arse refers to the buttocks or in the case of arsehole, the anus, in British English.

In most contexts it is the equivalent to Ass in American English, but is not a direct replacement.

Arse is a four letter anglo saxon word. It is earthy, profound and very functional both as a term for parts of the body and as a term of abuse.
In Countries that speak British English it is considered a little less profound and offensive that 'certain other' well-known four letter words, but still wouldn't be used in polite company.

In American English speaking countries ‘arse’ is sometimes used as a more polite or less offensive version of ass.

In British English ass has been used until recently only to refer to a wild donkey.

Because a wild donkey is stupid and stubborn, ass is used in British English speaking countries as a term of abuse too, but the meaning is subtly different to arse.

Hence ‘stubborn ass’, as in ‘stubborn as a mule’. Similarly: stupid ass and silly ass,

"Don't be such an ass"! Is different in meaning to "Don't be such an arse"! In British English.

The sentence "I hate that arse, he is such a stubborn ass" makes sense in British English. It makes no sense in American English.

Sometimes people who speak British English use the word 'ass' to refer to the buttocks, too. This is a recent development either because they think it is cool to use America slang (too much television, maybe) or they do not wish to swear, in which case 'ass' is considered a soft alternative, considered suitable by some for children or old ladies.

Arse is more versatile than ass, being the root for such words as 'arsey', 'arseing' and 'arsed'.

Arsey: To be rude or unco-operative.
Arseing: As in 'Arseing around', to fool around or be silly.
Arsed: To take the trouble to do something, as in "I can't be arsed to do that"

"Get off your fat arse you lazy ass"

"Stop arseing around"

"If you weren't such a stubborn ass you would have got some cream for your sore arse"

"You just shot that ass in the arse!"

"I say arse because I speak British English, not because I'm frightened of swearing, you silly ass!"

"You lazy ass, you just can't be arsed, can you?", "Don't you get arsey with me!", "Well, stop arseing around, then!"
by SAHBfan on Dec 17, 2008

by SAHBfan December 22, 2008
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Usually regarded as Britain's second city, although jealous Mancunians have started a web based propaganda campaign to take this title for themselves.

In reality, they can have it - although the title should maybe go to Glasgow (historiacally) or to Leeds (by size). Birmingham should really be the first city.

It depends how you define a city - The actual City of London is tiny. So is the City of Westmister. The rest of London is an urban sprawl of various towns, cities and suburbia. 'Greater London' is very big - but does not have city status.

Birmingham is the biggest "City" in Britain by a very substantial margin
City Of Birmingham. Population: 970,892
City Of Leeds. Population: 715,404
City Of Glasgow. Population: 577,869
City Of Sheffield. Population: 513,234
City Of Bradford. Population: 467,665
City Of Edinborough. Population: 448,624
City Of Liverpool. Population: 439,477
City Of Manchester. Population: 392,819
City Of London. Population: 7,800

Remember, these are the cities, not the urban sprawls around them. Data is from the 2001 census.
by SAHBfan December 05, 2008
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