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The act of placing toilet paper in a toilet in order to absorb all of the water, then defecating on top of it, rendering the toilet unable to be flushed and resembling a bird's nest.
Prior to leaving the hotel room, Johnny got caught Bird Nesting the toilet to spite the crappy hotel service.
by JoshAndMitch January 16, 2011
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When a papershredder is clogged with crinkled, semi-shredded documents due to lack of shredder oil.
Confused Office People: "Why is the shredder f-in jammed?!?! None of the paper will go through at all!"

Shredder Service Guy: "Oh, it's birdnesting!"
by 20C October 10, 2006
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Concept in which only either father or mother take turns to stay and live at home (never both) for a period of time with the children usually during a period of seperation.

Thus the children still get to see both parents as though they still live in the house as against divorce when the man most time completely moves out of the house.
Jane: So have you divorced Stephen?
Sally: No, We are currently Bird Nesting.
by Chijioke August 12, 2010
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