When you black out from drinking and usually wake up in a room or house that isn’t yours.
“Dude did you hear about Sean he drank so much and Birched last night”
by 802gang February 18, 2021
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Clean way of calling someone a ‘total bitch
Goddammit Susan, you birch seed.
by Bobby54643 November 8, 2017
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What to call your friends when you don't wanna call them a biatch. Put a deer 🦌 next to it so it can be part of the Forest
by Purplemf February 25, 2022
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The worst kind of tree to ever exist. The Cheese Army will not accept birch trees. They must burn for the cheese god.
You suck, you're worse than birch trees.
by boocket March 25, 2022
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When a white person cuts themselves to create lines on them resembling a Birch tree.
Jessica: "you are so ugly Jake!"
Jake: "Shut up, you Birch tree!"
by Shatblaster3000 October 31, 2021
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Omd why is that scrawny Tom birch dead on the road
by Bradley salmon September 11, 2020
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wyley birch is a ghetto block where teenagers run it. This is located in the area erdington(erdz) B23 they are associated with newtown(b19) Aston(b6) and the most notorious olders kstiggz (stiga) And ndott19
person 1: have you been wyley birch before?
person 2:no but i heard it’s ghetto and teenagers run it
by Rk #6TSA November 3, 2021
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