Bipping/bipper someone who robs or kills people with a gun preferably
1.This nigga lor fay a certified bipper
2.this nigga Murda be bipping shit
by Lor Murda September 13, 2020
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When someone is nagging or annoyingly talking to you.
"Ah, that girl just wouldn't stop bipping!"
by mynameiscraig August 15, 2014
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Well this means to say oneself is retiring to ones own habitual abode.
Yea guys I'm well tiyre now I'm gonna bip in.
See all ya's later k.
by Tractor_girl June 21, 2004
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Bipping mean you cutting, you can drive very good. You can maneuver frl. If it’s in present tensebippy” then it is referring to a gun.
I just seen Young Moose dumbass he was bipping da Honda down Monument street.

That party was bakey as shit yo too many niggas had da bippy on em
by IceyASAB March 25, 2022
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verb/noun: to break into a car/a tool used to break into a car
"Lil Poopa: Go broke bounce back and thats all from the bip"
by LilSaucy June 15, 2018
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Commonly used in the Bay Area

To steal something
Joe :”Aye cuddi where’d you get that sweater?”
Frank : “ I bipped it from old navy
by Nandeezy54 January 18, 2019
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