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Well whelen has a wide varied background.
It all satrted on the way to an 18th b'day partay. There was a construction truck and there was a yellow luminous jacket on the side so my dear friend decided to go acquire it so she grabbed it and we all ran off.
So then we see it has Whelen written on the back and we are amazed.
and then by a series of events became more of a personaility then just a jacket.
Whelen is 3 people:
1. The WhelenMister : Anna
2. Whelen : Me
3. Whelen 2 : Richard
by Tractor_girl June 23, 2004
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Well this means to say oneself is retiring to ones own habitual abode.
Yea guys I'm well tiyre now I'm gonna bip in.
See all ya's later k.
by Tractor_girl June 21, 2004
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A game.
One begins By whispering Bogie Very quietly.
The Next person must say it a little louder.
And so it carries on until you are screaming your heads off.
Best done in a public place, I find weddings good fun.
person 1: bogie
person 2: bOgIe
person 1: BOGIE
person 2: Bogie"!!!!!
person 1: BOGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by tractor_girl June 26, 2004
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Canny is where you are neither fit or a minger but you are in the middle.
But do not make the mistake this one girl made when she tried to copy Hannah and say that he was cannied.
that just went wrong
Kelly "Yea well that boy you like hes more canny then fit"

Hollie "hes been cannied"
hannah " you cant say that"
by tractor_girl June 21, 2004
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