frl - noun - a contraction of "for real".
Subject A: "Isn't soulseek the greatest thing on Earth?"
Subject B: "FRL"
by MCWILSHIRE September 25, 2006
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Top level domain for the entire region of Frisia, including (but not limited to) the Dutch province of Fryslân (Friesland) and the German region of Ostfriesland.
I recently registered my own .frl domain: ûnô
by Paulus Pytsma August 27, 2019
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"Flashing Red Light Syndrome"

When you think the light on your blackberry is flashing informing you of a missed call, text or bbm but in reality you are just imagining it.
Me "I swear I just got a text."

Steph "Nah you've just got FRLS"
by LivingInTheUk July 07, 2009
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"For realz laugh"; To help distinguish when you *actually* laugh out loud while talking to someone over the internet. As opposed to "LOL," which is commonly used without laughing out loud.

In practice ROFL > FRL > LOL
Nathan: Are you at work?
Alex: no
Nathan: grrrr
Alex: I'm not even dressed yet
Alex: in fact, I'm just sitting here eating cereal and watching porn
Alex: and rolling in my money bin
Alex: drinking the blood of virgins
Nathan: *shakes head*
Alex: no, I'm at work
Alex: dork
Nathan: I am FRL
Alex: FRL
by Kaynne March 01, 2010
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