Essentially just a smash and grab on cars, you just take anything sitting in the front or back seat, in and out in a minute or less
“Bruh swear to god me and lil jay was just bippin last week and we hit for a whole hunnid we ballin”
by Gucci steppa February 4, 2020
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When something is really awesome. The top of the line.
Man, tonight was so bippin! The ladies were on us like flies on honey!
by bmill-vfill July 14, 2009
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1. Similar to bitchin, but said way cooler
2. When someone is clowning around
1. Man, stop whining. You keep bippin like that, I'ma smack yo ass.
2. You have been accused of do you plead?
by that_one_bip July 4, 2021
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Stayin true to yourself on da dance floor, feelin dappy and happy, after kissin your crush dat u made blush.
by LeonardoDaVinci November 2, 2016
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A 1 gallon jug of Poland Springs water, costing approximately $1.00 USD.
I'm sippin' on my bippin.
by deejaybird January 13, 2008
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1. A manner of greeting
2. Success
3. To do something successfully
1. What's bippin'?
2. That startup is really bippin'.
by oh_schwag January 23, 2019
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