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Lil jay is a rapper from Southside Chicago. He also goes as Clout Lord and double 00.

He is apart of Bdk, Gd ,and IGD. His famous songs go as Bars of Clout, Why,10k ft Billionaire Black, and many more.

He currently beefs with Team 600, or we know as GDK, Black Disciples, and other gangs. He has dissed many artist as Lil Durk in Competition Domination, Edai on Who The Fuck This dude, Cheif Keef in Take you out your Glory, and artist in his other songs.

Word on the street people have a ''bounty'' on him. Bounty means to be looking for somebody and trying to kill him
Have you heard of Lil Jay?
by rapper10 November 05, 2014
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a lil jay means a fuckboy/and a very popular person /a lil jay likes to fight and gets lots of ladies\
a lil jay is also into to doing music like rap
person1:dammm he took my girl and raps good
person2:who did
person1:some guy whos a lil jay
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by crazy21man4356 March 08, 2018
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