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An amazing, sweet, funny, laid back guy. Binoys are always down to have a good time, interested in almost everything, clever, very caring and helpful. They tend to be good cooks, enjoy European beers, and can dress to impress. Binoys are very rare to find. They can sometimes be extremely over critical and can create an annoyance, but with patience one shall overcome. Side effects include uncontrollable happiness, constant poking and squeezing of the belly area, and partake in unruly laughter.
Girl 1: Oh I'm dating Binoy.
Girl 2: Really?! You're so lucky!
Girl 3: Where did you find one?!
by adc260 July 21, 2009
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very very very anoying.
really should learn to leave awesome people named madeleine alone!!!!!!!!! really chill!
the guy shut my locker on my hand!
he's such a binoy!
by sally12345678901 January 20, 2009
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