Meaning a blowjob or to recive a blowjob
Guy: yea i just got billy from her
by Rrobert March 15, 2006
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Hey officer there's a bunch of billys selling drugs.
by god90 January 03, 2018
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Down ass muh fuckah, one of the coolest people you'll ever meet and most importantly the best drug dealer your ever going to find.

Bil·ly (pronounced Bil-lee)
Amazing dope connect, super bad ass homie that's always down and has your back, crazy fucker down for whatever and always carries a pistol and quick to use it so don't try and burn or cross a Billy cuz you will get shot. Billy, not to be confused with a Billy bad ass, a regular Billy is bad ass enough on his own and that fact is well known already by anyone around him so there's no reason to have to announce it everytime his name is spoken
Damn did you try that dope we scored last night?? Yeah that shit was so fire, it had to have came from Billy! Billy is the only plug I've ever known with dope that bomb, quality never surpassed by any other lame ass dealer like Andrew's bitch ass. Billy is not only the coolest muh fuckah i know but is also the best connect i will ever have.
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The number one draft pick of the company. Very feminine features for a guy. He has a twohead instead of a forehead and enjoys long walks on the beach and planting tulips. He generally gets along with everybody and works hard for his money. (twenty dollars is twenty dollars)

He handles shortcomings and longcomings very well for such a small handed guy and has mad love for robot cock.
He has his ups and his downs(on his knees) but everybody loves billy.
If I had to pick 3 guys here to bang, I'd pick Billy all 3 times.
by youarenumber1 January 17, 2018
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He is a great guy, a great Dad and he's always caring for people in need. He is the best person you'll ever meet. He is loving and kind to everyone and especially his girlfriend. He loves his siblings and he is great with work. He is a great engineer. Everybody loves him especially his girlfriend. They will never break up. He will always get the beautiful girl and treats his girlfriend with respect and kindness
I love you billy you are a great guy and dad.
by William Szatkiewicz November 15, 2019
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The shortened Cockney rhyming slang for Knickers... Shortened from Billy Vickers.
I got some new Billy's for Christmas.
I'm gonna wear my sexy Billy's in case I pull.
by MissSkates January 04, 2012
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