Billion, most often used in the context of currency
I’m gonna need a billin to pay off this stack of bills.
by DashL September 18, 2020
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Billion or the amount required to pay the bills
I needs a billin to pay my bills
by DashL October 3, 2020
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Just like Ballin, but your name is Bill
Bill is Billin, he can't miss a shot
by Billin May 6, 2008
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A state of pure style and magnificence, when nothing else matters as one has achieved ultimate pimpness.
T-Bone: "Last night I hollered at some hoes and bosshogged dem lanes, sippin ma ballerade"
Shakes: "Yo son, that's straight billin"
by Biller February 7, 2004
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The Ultimate and impossible state of being. You are both buzzin and chillin at the same time.
When a man in a hot tub is joined by a busty mixed race french/japanese girl who passes a floating mirror with two lines of cocaine on;
hes said to be Billin.
by sheffjive November 16, 2011
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A guy who texts all day long without stopping while doing manly things.
Sam was billin while we we're playing football.
by redsox2210 February 2, 2011
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when one is so addicted to marajuna so bad that when they dont have any and there is none to be found , that one sits and rocks back and forth with there arms folded crying ( I need some weed )
Randy: man whats wrong with your sister rockin back and forth crying

Jerry: shes out of weed and she's billin it she cant get any until tomorrow

Randy : oOh man I hope I never get like that you want to smoke some

Jerry : yeah but dont tell my sister
Randy : realy I only have enough for us
by the randyman January 15, 2010
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