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Prince Andrew, is a predator and had links with Jeffrey Epstein.
He is also known as The Fresh Prince of Bellend.
Nonce Andrew is a waste of taxpayer money!
by 32500 May 30, 2022
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Spongebob: Hey Patrick, wanna get high on seaweed?
Patrick: I sure do!
Squidward: Why does it smell like seaweed around here?!
by 32500 September 3, 2021
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Desi boi who is a business mughal (haha get it because mogul and mughal sound similar. okay, that was a bad pun).
Some of his innovative ideas include:

- Chabuddy's Worldwide Internet Cabin Cafe : An internet cafe, IN 2014!!
- Kurupt FM (majority stakeholder) : The greatest radio station in all of West London
- Peanut Dust : The most flavourful part of a packet of peanuts, concentrated in a bag itself
- Authentic "Polish" Vodka : Named so because it's polish (with a small p)
- Sean Paul Gautier World Exclusive : An original fragrance line inspired by Jean Paul
- Champagne Steam Rooms : A nightclub/bar

- Complete Techheads : They will fix your pc if you get a wirus!
Aldona made a mistake by ditching Chabuddy G
by 32500 June 19, 2022
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People called "Romanes", they go to the house?
Brian: No, Romanes eunt domus means Romans go home!
by 32500 December 30, 2022
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The distance from Earth to the Sun is 149.6 gigameters.
Much nicer than the whole 149600000 km bullshit
by 32500 October 12, 2022
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Having 12 spouses concurrently. Also, see polygamy
A man in my town secretly practised dodecagamy. Well, all 12 of them found out and now he's paying 96% of his income in child support each week.
by 32500 February 5, 2022
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(Pronounced Speeku), It is a mysterious creature which sneaks up at night and speekues you! The word is not from Chinese, it's from another language!
Look, there is a speekuzslmn!
by 32500 June 7, 2022
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