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An overall cool guy. He is a funny dude who makes people laugh but doesn't get enough credit he deserves. He is super trust-worthy, kind and doesn't follow the crowd. Often mistaken with "Ranvir" who is the complete opposite of "Ranveer".
Hey man, I wish I could hang out with Ranveer more often
by iua hoisetjkfntiuhfnejknjdnnfr October 10, 2017
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a person who likes to stuff maple donut icing up his nose and then throw it at random kids walking to mcdonalds and forces them to go to wendys instead thank you
Be carefull when you walk into a mcdonalds there could be a ranveer waiting for you
by baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYYYYuaaaaa February 27, 2018
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A dubious guy who doesn't know what is going on
Generally retarded
Hey, its ranveer looking dubious as usual
by Dubious ranveer October 20, 2017
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Ranveer is what you call a person who tries really hard to be cool. This person is usually a jack-ass to others and follows one specific person around.
Look at that guy, trying so hard to be cool, what a Ranveer
by AlphaDeltaOmega December 16, 2017
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