New on the scene of 2005- Big Pee is the bad ass gangsta from the hood of Lancashire. With his wicked rythms and Breakbeats mixed with the voice of a man who knows wheres it at- this guy is da new Eminem. Still needs a recording contract- unbelievable
"When i roll in the hood with my goats and my grapes,
im like an oil painting hung up in the tate. Come on! (dont be late).
I'm like George Bush, I'm head of the states
like a blazing bear sniffing your underwear.
And i mix it (like a teddy bears picnic)
by Boss Doggy January 23, 2005
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Well. I mean... it’s a big pee pee. A big ol schlongaroo. A humongous phallic pertrusion... you know, a big pee pee
That man... that man has a big pee pee... his name must be Dakota.
by dinkybinkyrinky November 18, 2017
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It is when a boy has a big pee pee
Omg did you see Kevin’s big pee pee?
by p e t I t e p e e p e e September 12, 2019
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Big Top Pee-wee was Pee-wee Herman's second movie. It came out in 1988. However, it was unsuccessful. They spent more money making it than it earned. The movie is known for Pee-wee and Gina's 3 minute long kiss. He also lost his virginity to Gina in this movie. It upset thousands of people.
John- "Hey did you see Big Top Pee-wee?"

Bob- "No."

John- "You should. Pee-wee fucked that sexy Italian chick."

Bob- "Dude really?!"

John- "Yeah, it was hot."
by Luna Navaih May 21, 2010
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What a fucktard says when they have the longest schlong. It is a way to assert thy dominance.
"pee pee big"
by EFurryFagBag February 12, 2019
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