Big Nig is a character made by Average Autism. Big Nig is a fat, black, male who is a show host on Big Nig Live that appears in The Cronicals Of Lil Broomstick (tcolb). He is the owner of "Big" a company that sells the "Bye Bye Pussy" and the "Bitch-Away"
Big Nig is very chubby.
by NigisKing December 13, 2017
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a big black boy with a shit ton of pubic hair and when girls look at him they turn into a fire hydrant loved by faris yosi momo and ashkan
dayum thats on big nig lucio
by yosi&adam January 23, 2017
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The Man, The Myth, The legend!
Its mr Big Nig. The most awesome bro ever. Also the coolest black man ever to live. Will provide a group with some racial diversity if needed. Is a mad lad. Wont give you an N word pass though.
Hein : "Yo, I really like this rap music and I'm trying so hard to be black."
Michael : "That's wack yo, ask mr Big Nig"

MR BIG NIG : " That's cap yo"

hein : "so what"
by September 08, 2020
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