Big Girl- is a beautiful woman with a great husband and child who when questioned about why she flirts with, gropes, kisses. hangs onto and hooks up with a wide variety of men behind her husbands back always answers "I'm a Big Girl I know what I am doing." Meanwhile every person around knows what she really is!
Why are you grabbing that strangers crotch? What would your husband say if he saw you acting like this? I am a Big Girl and I do what I want!
by roulette September 8, 2012
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1. A song by the popstar, Mika, which declares "Big girl, you are beautiful!" He wrote the song in honor of his mother and the other larger women in his family. He was inspired by a documentary about obesity in the U.S., which featured "The Butterfly Lounge,"the first nightclub for large women and the men who love them. The club now uses the song as an anthem and plays it regularly.

2. Large women who dance onstage with Mika during his song, "Big Girl" and sometimes during "Lollipop." The often wear revealing outfits and fishnets and stick out their chests. Many of them have the pleasure of dirty dancing with Mika or even kissing him. They have also been known to do naughty dances with older lollipop girls from time to time. They are usually very beautiful and confident.
Guy #1: Have you heard Mika's new song, "Big Girl"?

Guy #2: Yeah, and now I'm gonna get myself to the Butterfly Lounge and find myself a big lady!

Mika fan: Did you see the way Mika was dancing with that big girl? I'll have a Diet Coke and a pizza, please! I wanna be a big girl too!
by Britney-the-lollipop-grl July 3, 2009
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Typically a female whom you see walking around in a bigger stature, enjoys drinking beer, has the tolerance level of an elephant, does not like to be touched unless extremely intoxicated, has an insationable hunger for life, is very sociable, and has mastered the art of creeping via facebook
Greg: woah, did you see that girl tonight? She had like 18 beers and was barely drunk!
Mitch: Yaaaa dude, thats fucking Big Girl
by B. Gizzle August 7, 2009
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Typically a phrase a woman uses when referring to herself. Generally such person is one who takes on a leadership and or manager based role. This person isn't fat but of the average weight and height complexity. When you see a Big Girl, she's actually quite gorgeous. She may be a weekend drinker, but that's okay she can be right back at it the next day. The only thing one needs to BOLO when it comes to a BIg Girl, she may creep up on that Facebook.
by ;)&$@98 July 3, 2017
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My friend Autumn from Sacramento is a big girl cuz she eats all the time.
by Adnan January 13, 2004
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a big girl is a girl that handles her business and she has no shame in her game. She is often called names but those just roll of her back, because she is proud and confident. Never waivering in her decisions.
Names of popular big girls: Amber Rose, Viviva A. Fox, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez ( retired), Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston ( newbie), Angelina Jolie (very much so retired), Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson
by FÉMB October 2, 2010
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1. A physically large OR obese woman. (Keep in mind that someone doesn't have to be obese to be called a 'big girl', women who are big boned can be called big girls too)

2. A powerful woman.
1. My friend Jenn is 450 lbs while my other friend Katrina is 6'8" and has limb circumferences more than twice as big as mine, so I consider them both big girls.

2. Aspen wouldn't take no for an answer, what a big girl she is
by Psedoudnym September 8, 2015
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