Mika is a beautiful person who can make your day full of happiness with their kindness and a warm heart. When the world goes against you, they will be your guide and help you get out from the abyss. As sweet as they are, they can get hurt. Without them, the world will be a worse place than hell to live. Therefore, always treat them well and be appreciated every second after you meet them.
"Mika is the best person that I ever met"

"Without Mika, the world is a worse place than hell"

"You should learn how to be kind like Mika"

"Mika is the most beautiful person"
by WonderingBox's Mind June 16, 2021
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A loyal unique unisex name who is rather sensitive.Mika can be quite moody sometimes but can be lovely. You wouldn’t want Mika to be angry with you or else you will be told off .
“Mika has lovely hair today.”

“Mika is rather cute.”
by Cutie pie 20 March 23, 2018
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Always a badass bitch. Always has your back and can be trusted
Yo broskii did you talk to that badass bitch called mika yesterday?
Ofcourse bro
by Catlicker04666 November 10, 2020
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Mika is a headstrong girl with a passionate heart, she will get back up if she falls and will absolutely never let her feelings control her, with many mixed feelings in her she'll stand with pride with her head held high. Is always honest with people and is real with everyone. She doesn't like the concept of dating, but will accept anyone that she likes. And she is very artistic, But if you be cross with her you'll never hear the end of it and probably end up in the hospital. She is also very caring and trustworthy so be friends with any Mika you meet!
Maddie: Wow Mika is so honest, i would love to have her for a friend...
Chara: I know right, i wish she would notice me.
Mika: *Looks at them* Ohayo! How are you guys today? I just finished my painting that took me 4 days isnt it cool?

Chara: Wow! Is that Peridot and Lapis from Steven Universe? ?
Mika: Yeah! It is!

Maddie: That's amazing, just look at the shading. *thinks (OMG she noticed us! Yes best day ever! )*
by Mika :P August 19, 2016
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Mika is a beautiful girl with big hazel/brown eyes. She has a huge sense of humor and will always have a joke to tell .She will do anything for you if you need her and has the biggest and kindest heart.Mika is very sensitive and can be hurt very easily but she is a very loyal friend.Mika is very dedicated and never gives up if she wants to achieve something. Mika is vet unique and spontaneous. Mika is very talented both athletically and musically and varies in different activities. Mika is very creative and is not scared to say how she feels. Mika can be very shy and quite at first but once you get to know her you get to see her true self.
“Mika has the kindest heart in the world” said a family member
by Oakleytay May 27, 2019
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A very nice person who always has a funny joke to lighten up your day with humour. They will never let you down and they will always have 2 ears to listen and 1 mouth to speak. Sometimes they are a blabber mouth and other times they just don't say anything. A Mika is someone you will want to be with forever.
"Mika is the nicest girl ever," a good friend of hers said.
by mingotella November 15, 2009
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Mika is the cutest motherfucker to ever grace this earth ! He may deny it because he's extra humble but we all know it, he knows it. That boy is HOT as hell!
Damn MIKA you're so cute Lemme smooch

Mika is an extremely good Baker and artist. OH AND HES ALSO HOT AS SHIT
by Giornotheshyguy January 23, 2019
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