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The term used to describe a female of ill repute, who's physical appearance leaves alot to be desired
Oh My God, what a biffer! I Would rather masturbate in front of my parents than go near her!!!!!!
by Mini July 23, 2003
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the word used to describe someone a little bit on the chubby side

might be used to be less insulting than just calling someone straight up fat, unless they know what it means.....
i just ate a whole pack of jaffa cakes, im a right biffer!

dude, check out that big girl! what a biffer

4 big Macs!?!?! you fucking biffer!
by jimbmx306 February 09, 2010
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best friend (s) forever/ for life
equivalent of bff/ bffl
plural- biffers/ bifferz
i luv my biffers.
he is my biffer
by xoxo sweet November 13, 2004
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A 'Biffer' is a person who purposely carries out an action that will bring misfortune or disadvantage another group or individual.
"Oii..I payed just as much as you did towards this weed, why you biffin me? smoking all the joints? what sort of biffer are you?
by mufassa111 January 04, 2010
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