1. the sexual act between two male units of putting one's erect penis in another's ear, ejaculating, jizzing, and groaning at an incredibly high volume, whilst producing faecal matter on that person's chest at an also incredibly high volume.

2. the act of playing any song by singer Justin Bieber.
"Hey John, want me to give you a bieber tonight?"
"Biebering is only gay for the person that's getting it!"
"Are you singing along to "One Time", or giving your little friend a bieber?"
by imma_redbull04 July 07, 2014
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Something that is over done. To beat a dead horse. To overkill something. Overdone. To ruin something by repetition.
My son has been talking about his new video game he Biebered it. My boyfriend overplayed an album so much he Biebered it.
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someone who has become a true 'belieber' and believes in justin
you have officially been bieberized!
by Nat Benz 1001 February 27, 2011
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The religion of the worshipers of Justin Bieber, or otherwise known as 'Belibers'. Any member of the Beiberistic Church has a severe case of Bieber Fever, or in scientific terms, The Bieberous Virus. People who practice Bieberism worship Justin Bieber twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. Most of the members of the Church of Bieber are annoying ten-year-old females.
Bailey is a girl who practices the religion of Bieberism
by BillyBobBopperBoo March 03, 2011
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To digitally slow down a familiar but horrible pop song by 800% so that the artist is unrecognizable, but the production and sound quality come forward to create an ambient, zen-like and beautiful sound.
If you bieberize Justin Beiber's "U Smile," ... I actually like it.
by bayarean345 August 24, 2010
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To Fart; to emit gas from the anus; to let a nasty one out
person 1: damn it, what's that smell?

person 2: sorry dude, I just Biebered.

(To Bieber)
by kbz April 18, 2010
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The act of putting a Justin Bieber song into someone's head, thereby exposing them to at least 24 hours of pure torture.

This can be done by singing the song or just by the sheer mention of a Justin Bieber song. It can also be used as something your friend would say to you after successfully getting an awful Bieber song stuck in your head.
You biebered him for sure.

You've just been biebered!!
by MARVIC June 15, 2010
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