The act of turning into someone who looks like Justin Bieber, in other words, looking like a faggot who hasn't hit puberty.
(high pitched voice kid): "Hi guys I don't like sex cause I can't get any girls!"
Kid 2: Or cause you got Bieberized
by IhateBieber September 29, 2010
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The act of overexposing someone or something to the point to which it becomes unbearable.
I used to really like the Smurfs when I was little, but then they bieberized them...I was already sick of hearing about the new movie before it ever even opened!
by heybuhfatbuhalbert July 27, 2011
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To leave a broken piece of computer equipment unmarked sitting on the shelf in need of repairs that his co-workers must deal with
by Mike March 14, 2003
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