Whenever someone is a jerk but not exactly a bitch.
You're being a Bicth, yes I said Bicth, how do I spell it? B-I-C-T-H!
by Tanookid April 24, 2018
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A curse word that isn’t a curse word.
Pronounced bick-th
Person1: oh look it’s -so and so-
Person2: ugh they’re such a bicth
by Bts is anon. January 5, 2019
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An ignorant mexican/wetback way of spelling "bitch"
"fuck you bicth!" "where my bicth?"
by THA_ER April 9, 2004
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A word of the highest caliber in the English lexicon. Generally used as insult in written passage and "text message" by intellectuals to insult any homo-sapiens that does not have a similar IQ as the user of the such word
"Stop being a bicth and fight me."
by Jamango May 10, 2019
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someone who stands up for themselfs and done not put up with any shit for guys.
that bitch told Zack that he was an ass hole.
by kfc6 March 4, 2004
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