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Bianka is a very nice, cute, sweet, funny, loving, caring person who is always here for you. She’s very nice to you and is the best friend you can ever have. She’s super fun to be with because she’s unique and doesn’t care about what others say. She is an animal lover. She loves all animals and will do anything for them. She also will do anything for the people closest to her. She will make your day everyday. She is an amazing girlfriend. She treats you like your her everything. I wish I could always have Bianka.
I wish I had a Bianka.
by jjboi092204 September 04, 2018
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A young women that cheated the fate of becoming an old cat lady. Typically has coffee addiction, obsession for indy music, compulsive love for pets and spends every week end’s afternoons in her bed, napping and reading. Despite this, she is in a stable relationship, gets a dog, has a steady job and becomes an home owner early in life.
-Oh man, I totally thought Ericka was gonna end up single and fill the void with Macchiatos, Douglas Coupland novels and Tabby Cats for the rest of her life but she really turned things around.
-I know, she’s become such a Bianka!
by Xorlarrin September 11, 2013
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Smart, Funny, Beautiful, everyone loves Bianka. She is the perfect best friend. She is a person who will always stand up for her friends. She will make the perfect girlfriend. She is a great kisser. Bianka is the greatest.
I want to be besties with Bianka
by Bianka :) December 05, 2018
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She nags most of the time and speaks polish when mad promises not to hit you but does
Person 1: Oh look it's Bianka
Person 2: Hope she doesn't nag
by Sean_tay_lor March 02, 2019
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The cutest five year old in the universe. I love you Bianka. Born in Salem OR. and is the funniest little girl in the world
AWWWWWW Bianka your so cute
by Isky October 10, 2006
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