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To become inebriated and act in a defensive way, usually involving food. To become so intoxicated that all you can do is eat and pass out on the kitchen floor.
"Dude, Timmy got stoned and bianco'd himself in the kitchen. He's fuckin'surrounded by Ramen."
by David Flynn November 08, 2005
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Pronounced bee-AHN-coh. n. A liar or deceptive person; one who exaggerates to the point of ridicule; a swine. One who plots schemes, unsuccessfully. Adj. Tricky; fake. Derives from Italian for white or clear (English cognate is "blank"). Likely, the idea is that though something appears to be there, it's really non-existent or false, similar to a mirage.
It's summer, and this guy just tried to sell me a ticket to some burnt out burg in the Rust Belt when I asked about going to the beach. What a bianco.
by Bayofcrabs July 06, 2009
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