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n. 1. A lackluster alternative given the poor selection of choices. 2. A poor set of options. 3. An action taken where there is a high probability that bad results will occur; a misadventure or folly. 4. Unfortunate circumstances of any kind; bad luck. Results from a contraction of the words "crappy" and "opportunity".
Thanks for the crapportunity to work for minimum wage, at a job I hate, where nobody likes me, and the boss yells at me, everyday. FML.
by Bayofcrabs July 26, 2009
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Pronounced bee-AHN-coh. n. A liar or deceptive person; one who exaggerates to the point of ridicule; a swine. One who plots schemes, unsuccessfully. Adj. Tricky; fake. Derives from Italian for white or clear (English cognate is "blank"). Likely, the idea is that though something appears to be there, it's really non-existent or false, similar to a mirage.
It's summer, and this guy just tried to sell me a ticket to some burnt out burg in the Rust Belt when I asked about going to the beach. What a bianco.
by Bayofcrabs July 6, 2009
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