Bhat is something very spicy used for many things. It is usually used little by little
either you know the BHAT or you dont.



by BHATMAN February 26, 2010
interj. A combination of buh and what. It is used to convey complete and utter confusion, most commonly said when the speaker simply cannot think of anything else to say whatsoever. It is interchangable with bah, buh, and wha, along with many others.

It is pronounced as what, but with a b at the beginning.
Amy: My dad painted the driveway purple.
Kelly: ...Bhat?

Jessica: My cat had puppies!!
Cate: ...Bhat?
by itsamutiny November 29, 2006
Shortest living being on this planet yet the most sexy one.
Bro... Prerana bhat is short but she's bomb.
by klop69 September 8, 2019
Sharat Bhat is defined as Argh Argh
And so on the multivariable test I was like Sharat.

ie and so on the multivariable test I was like Argh Argh.
by Jon Sue-Ho December 17, 2004
Name given by konkani parents, definetely has a crush on MILLIE BOBBY BROWN. People named Girkshith bhat are most likely to be "A GAY FEMINIST". Wishes to get laid, but can't.
do you know the gay feminist??
Girikshith bhat
by Gladiator0_0 November 25, 2021
A person who is kind hearted and considered as a blessing from God
Wow man you are like a Arya bhatt
by November 25, 2021