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Shortened term to describe the English City of Birmingham
"Im going to bham the weekend"
by Evil-Ernie June 02, 2003
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BHAM! n. an announcement or exclamation of someone being pwn3d on an internet message board. Originated from the screen name of a dawgman.com poster who frequently uses 'witty' posts to beat down Cougar and Duck trolls. Can be used in situations of irony as well.
ASU: Man, it's 124 degrees outside!
Sven: No one cares!
Cabrini: BHAM!

by Oscar Z Acosta September 11, 2007
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Birmingham,Alabama. a short phrase for one of the crunkest cities in the dirty south.
the crunkest city in the dirty dirty south, B'Ham
by jagwar707 December 22, 2006
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