2 definitions by sherdil

term is used to refer those supporters of Modi {PM of India} or his political party BJP, who have unquestionable support and admiration for the party, it's leaders and it's policies. They may react aggressively to those who question the government etc.,
bhakt refused to accept the facts indicating that demonetisation failed and hurt the economy
by sherdil August 21, 2022
Term is used to refer to those - journalists, news channels, newspapers, news portals, organisations etc., who are biased for any government or biased against the opposition, reason for which can be due to coercion, monetary gain, professional gain, fear of power etc,.
Term Godi means lap, implying they sit in government's lap.
Term was first coined by journalist Ravish Kumar.
Godi Media journalist started attacking the opposition instead of questioning the government representative.
Godi media is avoiding covering issue of increasing inflation in the country.
by sherdil August 21, 2022