Pulling a stunt is the deliberate act of a person that will likely be met with strong disapproval.
Example 1:

“Jane pulled another one of her stunts yesterday. She dropped by her mom’s to say hello and then dashed out the door to go drinking with her boyfriend. Her mom ended up having to watch the little darlings for two days. Jane’s mom was pissed!"

“JANE! Pull a stunt like that again and I’ll call Child Protective Services!”

Example 2:

“Dick pulled another one of his stunts last night. When his father ran into the Downtown Book Store, Dick took off with his car.”

“DICK! If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I’ll jam a wooden fence post so far up your shit-pipe that you’ll be pulling splinters from the roof of your mouth! And watch your language, mister!”
by Barn Breath January 26, 2016
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