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When keeping someone up-to-date on a situation also involves alerting them to an upcoming development.
BLUE?!?! It's halfway done and now they want it to be blue? Thanks for the headsupdate DICK!

"YO! Headsupdate! She knows and is lookin for your ass right now!"

"Here's a Headsupdate for y'all, shit's gettin real outside!"
by war-n October 9, 2020
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Improving the environment in ways that are readily apparent to the average person.
"I'm stuck in traffic burning gasoline going nowhere because you are concerned about the rainforest? Why don't you pick up that trash you're stepping over and do some TANGIBLE environmentalism ASSHOLE!!"
by war-n April 20, 2020
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taking the time to speak to someone face to face instead of telling them via text.
organic communication motherfucker! say that shit to my face!
by war-n January 19, 2015
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The lifelong burden you bear as a testament to your misguided behavior.
“that’s gonna hang on you bro. heavy is your Yoke of Shame”
by war-n August 12, 2022
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Besides the nice-looking crust, it's an otherwise empty pie. Akin to the nothingburger, it is the crown dish served up by know-nothing, empty promise makin' shit talkin' motherfuckers.
"oooooh no! you ain't gonna serve me up none of that vapid pie asshole, I want my motherfuckin money in cash!"
"Said he had it all locked down, turns out he just served us a vapid pie and left."
"sweet deal he said, once in a lifetime... now I'm choking on vapid pie."
by war-n January 12, 2019
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having the shits of work
"bob was pissed when he left for lunch today, i don't think he'll be back"
"oh yeah?"
"yeah, said he had a bad case of industrial diarrhea"
by war-n September 10, 2014
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The footage from my now priceless body/dash cam(s) given to Law Enforcement Officials and cleared me of bullshit claims. Fuck yea irrefutable! Say somethin. You can't, because irrefutable.
"They said I did what?? Take a long look at the footage from my irrefutable witness son son, that's all straight bull shee-it."
"Ahah, I got an irrefutable witness 24-7, so you best gets a steppin' to find some offs to fuck"
by war-n January 7, 2019
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