14 definitions by war-n

the position a woman takes, (when viewed from behind) that allows one to view the shiloutte of her vagina between her thigh gap. usually clothed, often swimwear.
god damn man i'm tryin to be good but that bitch got mad clamstance, hard to resist.
yeah man, that thing lookin like the baldest clam ever but you can smell it from here.
i'll just keep an eye on it then.
by war-n August 26, 2017
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When keeping someone up-to-date on a situation also involves alerting them to an upcoming development.
BLUE?!?! It's halfway done and now they want it to be blue? Thanks for the headsupdate DICK!

"YO! Headsupdate! She knows and is lookin for your ass right now!"

"Here's a Headsupdate for y'all, shit's gettin real outside!"
by war-n October 09, 2020
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Those assholes from new jersey making your life miserable.
“Look at that trash all over our neighborhood. Those jerzite assholes are killing us.”
“Indeed they are. Unable to deal with their own refuse they afflict us all.”
by war-n March 12, 2018
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having the shits of work
"bob was pissed when he left for lunch today, i don't think he'll be back"
"oh yeah?"
"yeah, said he had a bad case of industrial diarrhea"
by war-n September 10, 2014
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The footage from my now priceless body/dash cam(s) given to Law Enforcement Officials and cleared me of bullshit claims. Fuck yea irrefutable! Say somethin. You can't, because irrefutable.
"They said I did what?? Take a long look at the footage from my irrefutable witness son son, that's all straight bull shee-it."
"Ahah, I got an irrefutable witness 24-7, so you best gets a steppin' to find some offs to fuck"
by war-n January 06, 2019
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changing the gender of your usual sexual partner, just to see if the grass is greener.
"did you hear jacky and marie broke up?"
"yeah marie cheated on her with some dude"

"no shit"
"yeah so then jacky wound up hopping the fence herself just to see what cock was all about"
"wow. what did she think?"
by war-n September 10, 2014
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the twinge of guilt felt after making yet another purchase decision from amazon based on customer reviews, knowing full well that you yourself have never contributed a review. this is a distinctly first-world problem... you selfish prick.
"So after reading four bad reviews in the last six months i decided not to buy that router, but now i have this review guilt because i won't help other lazy assholes like myself. "
"you still haven't left a review?!?"
"me neither, now i feel like a bezos too"
by war-n March 13, 2019
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