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A Bew is a noise done by mr dinkles and some other “amazing” 7th graders
I’m 💯 % that BEW
by BewMonster September 22, 2019
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''Boo'' in lolspeak!
Lolspeak is what cats would talk like if they could talk.

( )
Kitty #1: Bew!
Kitty #2: :O I R scared!
by lolkitteh! April 23, 2010
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Meaning a friend. Similar to dude or man.
I would like to say thanks my family and my bews for all their support. I would have never made it without them.


Hey Bew!
by ud101 May 11, 2008
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A word that is an emote in FrostedGH's twitch chat that shows the chord that plays at the beginning of section, "Xyphos Break" in the popular guitar hero song "Soulless 2."
FrostedGH: Alright we're at Xyphos

Everyone in the twitch chat: BEW
by aidaboo10 October 21, 2019
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Bew is a random word. It means anything. It is used to show anger, frustration, surprise or a random action.
Bew! = (I cant believe you said that!)
by Eryn May 25, 2004
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Bew (NOUN)

The sound made when a superior being gets so mad that lazer beams actually shoot out of their eyes. This normally results in the destruction of the being's intended target.
Person 1: "Jane I really hate your face, you should consider wearing a bag"
Person 3: "O snap that b*tch is dust now"

Bob: "I haven't seen Shirley around lately.."
George: "O you didnt' hear?! That betch totally got bewed."
by Jiggle Monkey Poonsworth March 24, 2010
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