Somebody was having trouble making decisions, and was very happy when 'below' and 'underneath had a baby. A synonym to both 'below' and 'underneath', it is often used to describe inferior beings.
'She's so self-centered. I hate how she acts like everybody is beneath her.'
by Super Secret February 2, 2015
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A beneather is someone who automatically puts themselves beneath others by behaving inappropriately and lowering their social status as a result. Due to their own negligent self-unaware improper behavior, a beneather loses the respect of everyone and becomes a stomping ground for others without people being aware they are stomping on the beneather. A beneather often becomes an inadvertant stepping stone for others during their climb of the ladder of life.
John: Hey, care to give a buck to the poor for Christmas?
Bob: Christmas! Do you really believe in that crap!?! Do you even know what Christmas is really all about!? It's consumerism! I don't give during Christmas. This is just a sham to cheat me out of a good buck!
John (ignoring Bob as just a beneather): Susie! Wanna give a buck to the poor for Christmas?
Susie: Sure! Go ahead! Here are $10 bucks!

Later on, John, Susie, and everyone else at their little company avoids inviting Bob to the Christmas party!


Edward: Hi, would you mind helping me with this data analysis problem?
George: You need my help? What does that say about your math skills?!
Edwards (realizes George is just a beneather): Jonathan! I heard you're quite crafty with data analysis problems. Mind lending me a hand?!
Jonathan: Sure, why not!

A few weeks later...

George: Hey Edward! I've been trying to use this visualization tool, but my comptuer keeps going bust and I am almost gonna miss the deadline. Can you help me?
Edward: Sure!
George (noticing Edward is slow): Edward! Are you sure you know what you're doing!? You're so slow... I could have solved this problem on my own!
Edward: I'll leave you to it then.

A few days later... George gets fired! Eventually, he is begging on the street and his coworkers pass by him without ever recognizing him. They drop him a buck every now and then, and feel happy they are helping the community, but George is not happy! The end of a beneather!
by OffBeatDrummer December 16, 2021
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This is just an abbreviation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's saying to Spike: "You're Beneath Me"

A beneather is simply someone who is beneath us.
Derick: So, this recruiter calls me up out of nowhere and starts yapping his sales pitch without even saying hello or asking me how I'm doing.
Sarah: Doesn't sound like a good start.
Derick: Not at all. He then goes on and on about how great his company is. I couldn't get any word out before he started asking me interview questions afterwards. I mean, hello! I'm not even interested!
Sarah: This guy's got no manners whatsoever.
Derick: I know. A total beneather!
by OffBeatDrummer November 3, 2020
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When you go above someone in the rap game
I spit I'll rhymes you just got beneathed
by TragicProduces @Tragic300 November 22, 2017
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To hurt mentally, to feel less, to feel sadness, and feel troubled
With all the wrong you have beneathed me with
by Bex Salvatore September 8, 2019
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a melodic death metal band that actually leaves your ears bleeding
friend:duuude did you listen that song i sent you by Beneath the Sky?

you: yeah it left my ears bleeding!
by poppystewis October 19, 2008
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1. Manual stimulation of sexual partner while they are copulating with you from behind but require more attention.
2. Metaphor for being required to "go that extra mile" to please someone who is screwing you.
"Not only was the customer withholding payment on the job I did, I had to give them a reach-beneath and fix my competitors mistakes."
by bodiless April 12, 2016
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