A woman without class. Slutty. Unladylike. Usually sits with legs open.
"That girl is sho nuff brassy!"

"Kiki is so damn brassy, she just had her third abortion."

"I'm gonna hit up one of those brassy girls on the Ave. so I can, get me some headm pronto."
by DonkeyPunchy February 03, 2006
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A genteel word girls use to describe themselves when they've been too slutty for their man's liking. Often explained away by the 'good girl' as it being that time of the month when women are at their most horny.
"I'm sorry I was brassy the other night at the dance when I was dancing glued up against you and grabbing your arse and sticking my tongue down your throat, but we're cool, aren't we?"
by hellodarknessmyoldfriend March 15, 2010
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1: An embarrasing own goal, where the ball goes in off the face, leaving you with a broken nose, and a career defining moment.

2: When a straight guy gets chatted up by a homosexual.
1: 1st guy- You see the match last night?

2nd guy- I did, Cant believe he scored a Brassy!

2: Marc got a brassy in the bar last night.
by ParkyJ September 06, 2010
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stank unattractive odor caused by lack of washing or spraying a certain fragrance to cover up body odor
u iz brassy go wash
yasmin u damn sho iz brassy
hop yo brassy ass in dat tub
by ke ke July 02, 2005
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A bronze or brass cone piece used for smoking weed in a pipe or bong.
"Pass me the brassy so I can pack a cone."
by Diego August 25, 2003
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