1) Noun: an acquaintance with whom you trust a five minute speech that could, potentially, ruin the rest of your life.

2) Antiquated expression used to delineate the "best swordsman" by your side as you kidnapped your "betrothed".
1) It would be an honor to be your Best man

2) Gather your Best man; we're off to find us wenches, er...wives!
by med3vil February 8, 2010
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Someone who is the closest friend of another who is hosting a party.
Hey man, im throwing a banger next week, wana be my best man?

Sure man, i'll supply the booze.
by Cypher456 May 12, 2011
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Joseph - the legendary best man. Has your back through thick and thin, organises the best stag do's, and gives fantastics speeches that will not ruin the rest of you life
Joseph is my best man, why would you have anyone else.
by ronnie_hotdog August 14, 2018
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When you are a gangsta as fuck, female"Best Man" to an equally gangsta Bride and/or Groom
Churc asked me to be her Best Wo-Man! Fuck yea, I am so fucking excited!
by alibeersmith_ February 29, 2016
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A man's best friend is undoubtably his dog. They're friendly, loyal, quirky, and great to talk to. A great friend, one who will never judge your wardrobe or what you said or did today. When you come home, all they want from you is a hello and a petting. They'll never refuse attention, or a treat (or several). They'll love you simply for being there and loving them back.
My dog Biscuit is a great dog. Truly man's best friend.
by Zoniax June 8, 2009
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Man’s best friend is the vagina.

Without man’s biological attraction to women and their vaginas, humans would not exist.

A woman's vagina is man’s best friend because it makes him feel amazing and loved during sexual intercourse. Men have been known to go to great lengths to gain access to and protect women's vaginas.
Without Man’s best friend (vaginas) reproduction would be impossible. After Alexa showed me her vagina I couldn't stop thinking about it for a month. It drove me crazy. I almost failed my high school classes.
by Can't deny the truth September 29, 2019
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Man's Best friend surely is a dog!
I have a pointer mix named Abby, SWEETEST DOG IN THE WORLD! She cuddles me if I cry, when I'm mad she comes to me to calm me down, she even does this cute thing where she rests her chin on my leg when she begs for food! She TRULY IS my best friend! Man's Best friend!
by My dogs are cute! February 26, 2021
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