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Man's Best friend surely is a dog!
I have a pointer mix named Abby, SWEETEST DOG IN THE WORLD! She cuddles me if I cry, when I'm mad she comes to me to calm me down, she even does this cute thing where she rests her chin on my leg when she begs for food! She TRULY IS my best friend! Man's Best friend!
by My dogs are cute! February 26, 2021
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Joe Gatto is one of the funnier guys on the infamous show on Trutv called Impractical Jokers!
Sal Vulcano is the cutest one!
Brian 'Q' Quinn is the "wise" one! LOL
James 'Murr' Murray is the one that had to wear a wig for the ENTIRE SEASON!!!!
Joe Gatto! It's you! I'm such a fan! Your on Impractical Jokers! RIGHT!?? Can I get a picture! Is this your punishment? You had to work in the fast food restaurant! You guys are HILARIOUS! Where are the 4 guys?
by My dogs are cute! March 5, 2021
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