NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY. June 8 celebrates National Best Friends Day, a day to honor that one special person you call your “best friend”.
by Shamareon aka Tj May 7, 2019
the day in which you celebrate with your best friends.

most commonly celebrated on the 14th of every month.

created in palmdale

friend-"guess what"
friend-"i got you something for best friend day!"
friend2-"im so glad i saved you from that fire."
by tillyen March 28, 2008
A day where it is acceptable for your significant other to fuck their "best friend." This person can be anyone of their choice but is often an ex girlfriend or boyfriend. It may be played off as "just hanging out" but when they don't come home that night you know what happened.
I know it's your first day off but I am going to go over to Trevor's for best friend day. Ignore why Matt is texting me.
by damit187 July 29, 2017
Best Friend day is June 15th! Make sure to tell your best friend happy Best Friend day!
Hey Bestie, Happy Best Friend day!

Thanks bestiieee! same to you too!
by NationalBestFriendDay June 14, 2021
Best friend day is every day. So say “i love You bestie“ to your best friend
Morgan: whens best friend day?

Sophie: best friend day is Jun the 8th but its really everyday

Morgan: i love you bestiee
Sophie: i love you to bestieeee
by Best friend day October 16, 2020
It’s October 24 give your girl best friends some love they deserve it
“Hey it’s October 24
“Happy Girl Best Friend Day Marry
by Big dick boi69 October 23, 2019