A lonely, boring, trash area on the south-east outskirts of Melbourne. A breeding ground for bogans and retards. The average IQ of the area hovers in the range of 20-25. Generally speaking, all the girls here are sluts with the average age of mothers being late teens.
JJ: Oh shit you hear about that chick from Berwick?
DD: Yeah she's pregnant
JJ: Looks like just another to the list
DD: Yeah that place is a hole
by 3142 September 12, 2009
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Also known as "Berk" (Pronounced Ber-Rick.)

A small town in Pennslyvania best known for its high drug traffic and its bad smell. Full of trailer parks and druggies. Probably one of the most boring places in the USA. Seriously, Don't goto Berwick.
Friend A: God damn, Its boring in Berwick..
Friend B: Hell Yea, Lets smoke some weed.
by Trevor Que July 11, 2008
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Verb: Forceful sex with a girl (or boy) that wouldn't normally interest you but desperation has driven you to.

Noun: The person in question who you resort to shagging.
After 8 pints of lager he was ready for a berwick.

In between throwing up at the sight of her face, he gave the berwick a good seeing to in the nearest alleyway.
by Ted Maul June 2, 2006
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The Scranton deffinition to the "mullet". The origination of the "mullet." the right way to say "mullet" is to say berwick
Saying "mullet" is politicaly incorrect.

Student. Dude thats a kewl mullet.
Teacher. That is Wrong! it is berwick. 20 push up or go to the dean of men
by Ryan DeCour January 22, 2008
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God reborn in his true form. If you look up Ricky Berwick on Google, you will find his YouTube Channel. The moment you press the enter key to search for Ricky Berwick, your dick will grow 2 inches and become extremely erect. It will rip through your pants. If you're not wearing pants, it will rip through your table. If you're a chick, you will grow a massive horse cock upon searching his name. If a guy and a girl search up Ricky Berwick within 1 minute of each other, then they will be transported to Ricky Berwick's sex dungeon. They will then mate with the Girl fucking the guy. She puts her giant horse cock inside the hole of the man, the man only feeling slight pain. Once the horse cock is fully inserted inside the man's dick, the girl grows a handle out of her mouth and the guy pulls it. The girl then says "Ricky in your clitty" and the man grows a clit on his stomach. Then, the girl pulls her giant horse cock out of his dick hole, and the Ricky Berwick pops out of the man's new-formed clit. He jumps out and proceeds to fuck them both. He then rips their tongues out of their mouths and shoves them inside of his extremely large cock for safekeeping. Ricky then looks into the camera and says "Kachow!" and leaves the sex slaves to become part of his floor. Anybody who does this will never leave the same, as they end up dying a slow and painful death, but finish off with a giant orgasm. Their souls will leave their bodies and they will be reborn as dildos and lube.
Guy: "Hey, look up Ricky Berwick on your phone."
Girl: "Okay."
*Gets Transported to Ricky's Sex Dungeon*
"Well Fuck"
by Just Another Memer November 28, 2017
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A very intelligent man with limitless capabilitys he is also know for cleaning his ears while orgasming and giving females a giant horses cock
Ricky Berwick is my dad
by Cuntbag nigga December 18, 2018
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A group of ignorant pieces of shits that sneek onto farms and spoon with cattle, and smoke mids. Their usual activities consist of licking each others butt holes hard, and i mean hard. as well as licking each others butt holes they most certainly do not pound any alcoholic products
Hey I stole some alcohol from my parents; should i sell it to the berwick clan" "nah guy they don't pound
by kdolph June 21, 2010
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