Straight up awesome Independent senator from Vermont. One of the only self-proclaimed socialist in the Congress, not to be confused with Marxist: he's a Democratic socialist. A man of the people.

Bernie is:
Anti-war, voted against the Iraq war and the "Patriot Act".
Anti-Fed, is an outspoken critic of the secretive Federal reserve.
Anti-corporation, is an outspoken critic of large corporations and the low tax rate that many of them claim, while shipping our jobs overseas.
Pro-single payer health care and against privatized health cares, corporations shouldn't get rich from the sickness of others.
Bernie Sanders is a really cool senator.
by Pillowpants8495 September 22, 2011
A crazy old commie who wants to ruin America
Im glad Bernie Sanders isnt president
by Obamna December 18, 2020
Bernie Sanders is basically the drop bomb diggity. He is a democratic socialist and will shit on the Republican party with a roundhouse kick for the 2016 presidential election. With purer goals than any of the other candidates, he is the grandpa you never had, and would make America great again better than Trump ever would.
Is that President Bernie Sanders? The best and most capable president we have ever had in this great country riddled with holes from the past pitiful conflicts from our previous incapable presidents? Wow!
by Firestarter220 October 28, 2015
Want to hear a politically “correctjoke?
Bernie Sanders.
A great man who couldve actually made a difference if he was elected as President. But now it is too late because we voted a corrupt man who will just continue the long tradition of dividing classes and exploiting nature.
guy: Feeeell tthhee bbuuuuurrrrnnnn
other guy: where did i leave my Bernie Sanders body pillow?
by Wrath_of_razors February 12, 2021
one of only two based gods know to mankind (the other being Lil B);

to be bernie sanders is to be kind, generous, and moral, with a fervent passion for helping others, and a willingness to stand up and fight for what is right, regardless of popular opinion.

antonym; "Hillary Clinton"
"Man, our friend Ron is a real Bernie Sanders. I can't believe how he stood up to those bullies and got his ass beat for us, because he geniunely cares about helping others, even at cost to himself. We should try to get Ron to run for some sort of politics, because he is honest, caring, and smart.
by Kaia the Pitbull Dog December 26, 2015