The "first" (in terms of release) star wars movie, and arguably the best. It began one of the most influential and popular science fiction franchises of all time.
Guy 1: Want to watch the first star wars?

Guy 2: Hells yes! I've been wanting to see A New Hope again for a while!

Guy 1: Actually, I was talking about phantom menace.

Guy 2: Get the fuck out of my house right now before I get my gun.
by smpoza February 14, 2009
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You can see the real character of the younger generation of New Hope by viewing the naive definitions apart from this one (greatly identified by poor spelling). New Hope has a lot of historical culture to it, and is widely known for its population of gays and artists (also in Lambertville, across the river). Students such as myself from New Hope are not always rich, although it is easy to classify those who have the "good life": their parents don't care about them, so they get high and smashed every weekend etc. New Hope parents send their kids to New Hope moreso for educational purposes, rather than sending their students to CB East (look up definition and you'll understand).

New Hope is about 45 minutes from Philadelphia and is loaded with shops and food services ranging from bakeries to restaurants. It rests on the Delaware River, and has a large bridge connecting it to Lambertville, New Jersey. Many tourists like to come here, but I barely ever see kids on the street there just to mock them - get over yourselves - kids have cars and are more than likely to be miles away doing something else. Unfortunately, New Hope is losing some of its charm with the addition of buildings such as Dunkin' Donuts.

The town itself is rather pricey, and yes, has many bikers and local people, but have you seen some of the bikes and cars that drive around here? We've had our share of Harley's, but as far as cars go I personally have seen Lamborghinis, new Jaguars, Bentleys, and just recently an Audi R8. There have also been sightings of Bam Margera around the area, and M. Night Shyamalan owns property in Bucks County (the county New Hope is in).
New Hope is a town with rich culture, expensive taste, unique shops. It's getting a bad name from the brats that think they know the town they barely spend time in, anyway.
by i>you July 10, 2009
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The town of New Hope.
Only one sentence can define this place of awesomeness.
It is better than Doylestown. Look up Doylestown.
I don't need a reason.
Go to New Hope.
You'll see.
Doylestown is a delusional definition made by a delusional 8th grader who watches to much of the OC. Which is a crappy show anyway.
"Hey guys let's go to New Hope."
"Because it's better than Doylestown, duh."
by BFSucks March 3, 2005
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A truly unique cross-section of suburban life, where even historical monuments have homosexual undertones (ie the cannon on Main St.). Every gay man you will ever meet has spent a weekend there at a Bed & Breakfast, eaten at Marsha Brown's, gone on a horse-drawn carriage ride, and spent an evening at The Cartwheel.

People who grow up there find themselves totally clueless about what the real world is like, because of New Hope's complete isolation from the real world. The sprawling housing developments cover every inch of free space and former forest, and it is impossible to go thirty feet without seeing a shopping mall. SUVs crowd the school pick-up area, where stay-at-home moms wait for their spoiled, oversexualized, burnt out children. There is no culture, there is no identity, there is only the tourists.
Also referred to by some as "No Hope".
"I'm so bored."

"Man, I can't wait to get out of New Hope. There's nothing to do except drive, smoke pot, and sit on benches sneering at tourists."
by Emily April 1, 2005
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If you are a tourist visiting new hope, then you'll find it a pleasant town full of historical tribunes and small boutiques. If you're a resident, its quite the opposite. yeah i liked living in new hope for the first year or so, but doing the same things for fun day after day can get pretty tiring. If you live in new hope, all your going to find for entertainment is going downtown and sitting on ledges and making fun of toursits. You are constantly surrounded by men holding hands and motorcycles without mufflers. theres nothing but starbucks, alchohol, and drugs. some town right?
"all we do in new hope is sit around and make fun of people; there isn't bowling, movies, or even a mall."
by djfhuehgfkdg October 7, 2005
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People think this town is so great....but it sucks,also people think everyone that lives here is rich,but thats Bullshit.Some of our parents bought the land before it was worth something.

Basically New Hope is A Hippy Town,filled with Stores,Resturants,and Rich Assholes.Tourist are every where,and most of them are stupid as hell,There are spoiled brats alot of them their parent's let them do whatever they want,but than there are parent's like mine that are strict and poor.

There are alot of Hippies,Gay dudes,and Fucking motorcyclers that sit in front of that bar with their Engines on.

Sure tourist love it here,but the people that live here hate it,It's not speacil or fun so I suggest you move some where...Else. Funnist thing to do if you live here make fun of the ugly fat tourist and pick up a hobby (Skateboarding)
by Hamu August 12, 2006
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A small suburban town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where fags live, thrive, and hang out at Café Mo and fuck each other in the Starbucks bathroom.
I live in the totally gay town of New Hope--home of the fags.
by Mallo June 25, 2005
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