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The act of arguing for the sake of arguing, or arguing a point that is obviously false.
Person A: "If a cars tires wear out in 20 minutes at top speed, I don't believe that should be considered its top speed."

Person B: "Quit berking."
by nkT January 18, 2013
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1 To answer a question in far more words than what is needed for the assignment.

2 To remove one’s shirt while on a video call in a completely platonic manner.
when worknig on an assignment (or any project) : I’m berking this assignment those questions, then the teacher will have to give me an A. • The teacher doesn’t want to read all of that so why are you berking it?

when skyping (or oovooing) : I skyped my dad but I had to hang up because he was berking. • My friend forgot the webcam was still on and started berking.
by amazingboy97 October 01, 2011
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To keep texting someone, even though the recipient wont, or isn't replying.
Joe: Bro, that chick I hooked up with last night is berking me hardcore.

Bob: Well, that fucking sucks. You should probably get a new phone number.
by El Diablo_9 February 13, 2011
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Is the correct usage of the movement of qhen a female twerks using her breasts.

It has not been used around, for I have used it out of personal experience and what my friends have done while dancing and being fun. Use as in whichever you want.
My friend had put on a song on my laptop, and soon started berking in front of me.
by Urban_Girl144 August 15, 2014
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Made up berkings, a 17 year old(so we think) (not Cass) who has a job that you need to have highschool graduation thingy mo yuka flux and on high on life...fuckin etard
But really he can be super caring, loves to have company but no drama, has been through lots, knows lots, pretty smart, has been there done that, would do it again, loves his family dearly. Wasn't expecting to find anything on his adventure. Seems to have his head straight. Loves the dark haired women who are sweet, shy, mysterious, wise on the decisions but has a wild side he just wants to discover in her, just something about her
Girl"Rock, punk, medal etc? very good taste in music mister"
Guy "what can i say, i just might be the berkings you're looking for"
by March 02, 2011
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