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The name Blackwell means beautiful, smart, mythical, and ninja-like.
They are hard to spot people, so once you find one, NEVER LET THEM GO!
If you do you, will be attacked and put in a cage.
By the way, ignore the first definition, they were jerks.
Oh my gosh! Did you just see that? I think it was a Blackwell!
by Up down and frown March 23, 2013
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1. A whiny little bitch.

2. Someone who complains constantly.

3. Anyone with a large Jew nose.
Guy 1: Dude both of my parents just died.

Guy 2: Quit being such a Blackwell and suck it up. No one wants to hear that shit.
by Hory Cogan November 17, 2009
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A man with striking good looks who is smarter than you and misunderstood. This is why he is like a deep well of blackness and lashes out at stupidity and incompetence in the world.
Store Clerk: Oh my god! That man was harassing me! I feel unsafe.
Store Manager: Take a photo of his license plate! ( for god knows what reason?!)
Narrator: You weren't being harassed. You were just wrong, and he told you about it, and got your feelings hurt. You were just blackwelled, baby, and that shit only hurts if you're too stupid to understand rationality. So sorry about that.
by blackwell's baby April 20, 2018
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