Tubbo is a british minecraft streamer/youtuber.
Tubbo is known for liking bees, his tubbo moments, farming aww’s, and tubboat.


Overall, tubbo is just a very nice person and he’s very poggers.
Person 1: Hey do you know you Tubbo is?
Person 2: Of course I know Tubbo!
by man that’s pog September 20, 2020
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A Minecraft YouTuber notable for his content on DreamWasTaken's SMP and collaborations with TommyInnit. He is British, dyslexic, 16 years old, and adorably naive. Mostly streams on Twitch but also has a YouTube channel with over 60K subscribers.
"That was a Tubbo moment" - TommyInnit
by Gay rights pog August 12, 2020
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Tommyinnit: hey Tubbo
Tubbo: Tubbo
by Aquafinity September 28, 2020
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16 year old king of the bees, is tommyinnit’s best friend, sometimes tubbo is also known as Big Law.
“Tubox, tubbo in a box” -Wilbur Soot
by Poggers October 5, 2020
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tommyinnit: “careful hes a lawyer.”
tubbo: “step back, be careful im a lawyer”
by naenaenaenae October 13, 2020
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