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Lawyer from Harvard known for triggering social justice warriors, feminists, socialists, and commies faster than Monica triggered Bill. He is often seen in public smoking a blunt and wearing dark shades.
Dude, that Ben Shapiro guys is thug life, man!
by FlabbyDaddy October 02, 2016
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The end-all politician when it comes to debunking and destroying leftists taking the moral high ground when perpetuating the very ideologies they claim their opponents to hold such as racism, sexism, etc. He is also the editor in chief of the Daily Wire and the talk show host of the #1 watched conservative podcast. True legend and leads a Thug Life.
Leftists now think twice before spouting nonsense because of the onslaught of Ben Shapiro could come anytime...
by dont_care77 February 01, 2017
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An extremely intelligent conservative whose domestic policy is spot on. However, in terms of foreign policy, he shows his Zionist tendencies - sucking Israel's dick whenever possible. Hates Rand Paul, even though he's a true conservative.
Ben Shapiro is great, except when he talks about Rand Paul.
by ychand November 25, 2017
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