To be locked up in the system, to be in jail, the beast being the justice system.
Person 1: Where my nigga at?

Person 2: you ain't heard, he in the belly of the beast
by Spice Method May 11, 2010
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travelling through (or arriving "in") the heart of a bad or dangerous area in the context of having no other alternative, such as on the front lines of a war, or in the general area of the war-torn area. In another similar context, one could think of it to mean being in the most dangerous and critical of situations, such as being a cop working undercover infiltrating a mob family -- being in that crucual position of having gained the mob's trust and being a key part of its operations, would be considered being "in the belly of the beast."
JJ is going undercover, it could be dangerous. He's in the belly of the beast.
by fladada April 30, 2011
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a stressful and difficult, or sometimes, harsh environment
Working on a job you don't like is like being in the belly of the beast.
by ayie July 18, 2010
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The belly of the beast, you know I'm from it.: Lupe Fiasco.
by ntheboy March 15, 2007
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The intersection of rt.924 and Redpump rd. in the town of Rock Spring (Forest Hill) Maryland. This consists of a McDonald's, BP Gas Station, Sunoco Gas Station, and C-Mart. It is a popular hangout for little punks that ride their skateboard or little wiggers that go get papers to roll their joints. The Belly has been growing at a moderate place until the boom of 2009. After this, the rate of the Belly has been steadily increasing in size. In time, this will be belair west, and will be getting even shittier.
me(calling on phone) : yo frank whats up

Frank : just getting a double cheese with big mac sauce no lettuce.

me : Oh, where at?

Frank: The Belly of the Beast.
by The 1 END OWN LEE October 10, 2010
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"Throw all the knights of the post, cross-traders, and barmies into the belly of the beast, and New York will be emptier than an Instagram model's head."
by Zed Numar July 14, 2021
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